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Ocala’s Computer Expert

For our clientsknowing that we are looking in on them daily is extremely appealing. For a small fee, we will check your server daily, making sure your backup ran the night before and checking errors, antivirus and space issues, so as to head-off problems before they occur.

With this plan, you can forget your server and let us worry about it!

If the thought of your network crashing during business hours turns your blood to ice, select our emergency response agreement. Drop & Run support, like no other in the business. Immediate response, no matter what time of the day or night.

Computers sometimes it’s difficult to know what direction to take in order to improve your situation. There are so many different solutions and so much information available on the web that making a decision may become overwhelming.

LanShark Computing Systems offers a wide variety of services to meet all your technology needs. We have over 20 years experience in:

  • building networks from the ground up
  • Installation of computers and servers
  • Shared files and internet
  • Routing, remote access and troubleshooting

If it’s a computer, we’ve got it covered.

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